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The Research Programme in Human Capital promotes the analysis of any topic related to the education and training of individuals. Specifically, it fosters the analysis of education systems and education and training policies from an economic perspective. As such, it has the following objectives:

  • To develop a research program in the Economics of Education.
  • To maintain a permanent research group.
  • To promote the mobility of researchers – encouraging researchers in our team to visit centres abroad as well as inviting international experts to visit our group.
  • To organize meetings to examine questions related to the Research Group’s field of study – specifically meetings of an academic nature, but also those aimed at disseminating knowledge to society as a whole.
  • To promote the publication of the research conducted by members of the Group as IEB Working Papers (and other scholarly publications).

Achieving these objectives should ensure the Group achieves academic and social recognition, something that its members already enjoy as members of Consolidated Research Groups of the Government of Catalonia and thanks to their participation in a range of competitive research projects.

The group is led by researchers Jorge Calero and J. Oriol Escardíbul.


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07-08/09/2017 [Workshop]

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[2016/25]:The evolution of educational inequalities in Spain: Dynamic evidence from repeated cross-sections
Álvaro Choi, María Gil, Mauro Mediavilla, Javier Valbuena
Working Paper

[2016/18]: Leisure and education: insights from a time-use analysis
Marcos Fernández-Gutiérrez, Jorge Calero
Working Paper

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