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Solé-Ollé, Albert

Solé-Ollé, Albert

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Phone +34 93 403 99 63
Fax Number +34 93 402 18 13
Department of Public Economy, Political Economy and Spanish Economy
Universitat de Barcelona
Facultat d'Economia i Empresa - Av. Diagonal, 690 (08034 Barcelona)


Post held:

Director of the Fiscal Federalism Research Programme
Researcher (IEB)
University Professor (Universitat de Barcelona)




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Solé-Ollé, A.; Viladecans-Marsal, E.: “Do political parties matter for land use policies?”, Journal of Urban Economics, 78, 42-56, 2013.
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Castells, A.; Solé-Ollé, A.: “The regional allocation of infrastructure investment: the role of equity, efficiency and political factors,” European Economic Review 49/5, 1165-1205, 2005.



Fiscal federalism
Equalization grants
Estimation of expenditure needs
Tax competition
Political economy of infrastructure allocation