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Infrastructure and Transport


The aim of the research programme in Infrastructure and Transport is to promote research in this area from an economic viewpoint, in order to generate knowledge that is useful to society and is able to guide public policy. It focuses on the effects of infrastructure investments and transport policies on economic growth and the environment, and examines the impact of policies of regional distribution. The results of its research are published in academic journals and in broader forums involving public and private decision-makers.

Led by Professor Anna Matas,this research line supports a group of experts with a proven track record in this field and promotes the incorporation of young researchers.


Research topics





[2016/15]: Changes in fuel economy: An analysis of the Spanish car market
Anna Matas, José-Luis Raymond, Andrés Dominguez
Working Paper

[2016/06]: On the private and social desirability of mixed bundling in complementary markets with cost savings
Christine Halmenschlager, Andrea Mantovani
Working Paper